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Jumping The Broom


JUMPING THE BROOM – Will be a legal Mississippi wedding ceremony taking place in the New Horizon Chapel for 10+ couples simultaneously.

June is the month to wed!  If you are cohabitating, coparenting or cooperating in love, we invite you to have your day.  In honor of Mississippi’s Capitol City Bicentennial, we invite and encourage you and your Boo, Bae to be a part of the Jumping The Broom Wedding Ceremony.  f cost have or lack of time to plan has been holding you back, NO WORRIES.  The best part is it’s all FREE!  The Bicentennial Committee will cover all non apparel wedding cost.  However, donations are welcome and much appreciated.

The significance of the broom to Black heritage and history originates in the West African country of Ghana. During the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, most of Ghana in the 18th century was ruled by the Asante or Ashanti Confederacy. The Asante’s urban areas and roads were kept conspicuously clean according to visiting British and Dutch traders with the use of locally made brooms. These same brooms were used by wives or servants to clean the courtyards of palaces or homes. The broom in Asante and other Akan cultures also held spiritual value and symbolized sweeping away past wrongs or removing evil spirit.



1. Must be legally eligible to wed in US.

2. Cost are covered for facility, photos, flowers, PA, and clergy

3. Couples must be registered in a county within United States

4. Must provide wedding license to be filed and completed with the County Circuit Court Clerks’ Office

5. Bridal Party should not exceed 20 participants  



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